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Fred Emery

We are pleased to finally be able to republish Fred's book called Futures We're In (1977) which has been out of print for many years. This is actually its fourth attempt at publication including its updating and retyping in 1998. At each of these latter stages previous mistakes have been corrected and new ones introduced. Given these various vicissitudes some parts of it have been scanned and corrected from the PDF so it may appear uneven in places.  Hopefully, and we can always hope, this edition is reasonably error free.
The book marked several milestones such as containing the much more fully worked out interrelated theories of active adaptation and of ideals and ideal seeking. Like all knowledge in OST, some parts of it have been superceded by later publications which took that work on ideals and maladaptions further and into their practical applications. However, the new thinking and logic introduced in FWI make it a classic which once again is easy to access.

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